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The art of the piano : An alternative vision of the piano.

We do our best to enhance your creativity in a caring and supportive atmosphere. We also offer you a unique experience. During your lesson you can enjoy playing on an outstanding concert grand piano C. Bechstein D 280 perfectly maintained.

Bespoke one-to-one lessons
- Beginners, children and adults
- Masterclasses (teaching and concert)
- Bilingual teacher (French/English)
- Open all the year

Teaching beginners and training professionals

All beginners are welcome in our school where they are treated with great care and acute attention. We try very hard to make their first steps in the world of music as easy as possible. So their love of playing classical music will be enhanced.
For musically gifted students aiming being professionals, we nurture and develop their full potential organically. So they can become true musicians with a special sense of giving and sharing specially when performing on stage.

Innovative purpose of our teaching method

The most innovative purpose of our lessons is to allow the students to globally master the necessary techniques in order to discover the ‘inner being of the piano’. Without this achievement, the pianist cannot simply establish the deepest relationship with music. This goal can be tackled at any level.

Different points will be dealt with during these courses including:

• A new body posture linked to the ergonomic cushion
• Relaxation and breathing at the piano
• Awareness of the organic sounds’ features
• Thorough analysis of the works studied and their translation into music
• Technique of the pianist’s movements linked to the search for sound quality
• Overall competence to learn all aspects of the Art of the Piano

Cast a different light on the piano

This type of teaching is carved out in an alternative vision of the piano which can be summarised in three innovative principles.

  1. The piano is not a percussion instrument, which is confirmed by a thorough study of the functioning of the action
  2. The basis of progress stems from a quest of inner well-being
  3. the concept of  ‘organic sound’ as applied to the piano reveals the mystery of music (more…)


It has been very inspiring to work music with you ! I am sure that many things will be useful for the rest of my life when making music as a performer (…)Ha Y. S., Sweden