Training Professionals

This training is for advanced pianists wanting to link a new piano technique with a holistic vision of the ‘man at the piano’.

First, we will explain to these pianists a new postural sitting position thanks to a unique ergonomic cushion which can spark an unknown feeling of the instrument, as the result in the perception of a unity rediscovered. Then, we will show them the revolutionary application of the ‘indirect weight‘ which completely eliminates the habit of striking the keyboard. Finally, these advanced students will be aware of a new ‘art du toucher‘ which will make their game even more lyrical.

These totally new techniques will awake their creative faculties and will allow them to bring life to the musical scores of well known classical composers with rigour and imagination.

Ultimately, through the quest of the ‘organic sound’, they will reveal to themselves the hidden meaning of the music which is indefinable.

‘Ever since I can remember I have tried to relate the beauty of music to the harmony of life’ (Yehudi Menuhin)