Individual and collective workshops


Advanced level Courses in interpretation

We offer you a new subtle way of learning the piano, friendly and focused on a thorough understanding of music.

Innovative purpose of these workshops

The most innovative purpose of these workshops is to allow the students to globally master the necessary techniques in order to discover the  ‘inner being of the piano’. Without this fulfilment, the pianist cannot simply establish the deepest relationship with music.

Practical information

These workshops are suitable for pianists of all ages and all levels. The number of participants is limited. Accommodation on the spot is available on request.

Different points will be dealt with during these courses including:

  • A new body posture linked to the ergonomic cushion
  • Relaxation and breathing at the piano
  • Awareness of the organic sounds’ features
  • Thorough analysis of the works studied and their translation into music
  • Technique of the pianist’s movements linked to the search for sound quality
  • The making of the piano and its history (lecture)
  • Overall competence to learn all aspects of the Art of the Piano