I will write this in English to better express myself. I would like to thank you for this wonderful experience. I’ve had four piano teachers – all of whom are great, however you have clarified so many layers of music at the piano that have helped ‘simplify’ and put into practice the otherwise complexities of playing piano music. I also greatly appreciate your broad perspective on music including the metaphysical aspect of music

Brigitte R., Canada

It has been very inspiring to work music with you ! I am sure that many things will be useful for the rest of my life when making music as a performer (…)

Ha Y. S., Sweden

Thank you for showing with me your thoughts, your feelings and your wisdom about music and beyond. Your lessons changed something within me and I will treasure this new dimension of piano playing (and more) for the rest of my life.

Thomas L., Suisse

Mr Tran gave a deeper understanding of the relation between sonority and the way we play. This yielded in a more profound awareness of how to apply our skills to make better music.

Rob D., Hollande

Thank you for showing me such marvel, such beauty during these past 6 days, and thank you for your inexhaustible patience. It has been a marvellous experience.

Giao N, France

After more than a year’s work with you I am amazed at the progress your method has enabled me to achieve. Never before I have seen a system as comprehensive as yours. Be it in the comprehension of the musical text, the understanding of the true nature of composition, the technical execution, the artistic expression, your work is by far the most innovative, complete and profound. As a teacher of professional dancers I have the pleasure of seeing that I can apply the major themes of your method to classical ballet

Wayne B., France


Visiting Japp’s house during a workshop


Students attending a workshop in Southwest France